Japanese Gold Mountain Moxa

Japanese Gold Mountain Moxa

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Product Description

  • Super pure moxa from Japan.
  • Easy to mould into any shape and size for direct moxa use.
  • Incense sticks enclosed to assist the lighting.
  • High concentration of moxa essence.
  • 10 grams per box.


1. The moxa is not allowed to burn down to the skin for children.

2. Do not burn moxa on points in the inflamed area. Select proximal and distal points for inflammation.

3. It is not recommended that put moxa on the face, because of the risk of scarring.

4. Do not treat patient who is very hungry or has just eaten a big meal.

5. Do not treat the patient who is very serious cases Fox example, serious cancer, higher fever or fatigue.

6. For pregnant or possibly pregnant women, do not apply moxa to the lower abdomen.

7. Do not apply moxa to the patient who took hot bath or sauna an hour before or after.

8. Do not apply moxa to the patient who took alcohol, sleep-inducing drugs or narcotics.

9. Do not apply moxa over large blood vessel. 10. Do not apply moxa directly over dermatological diseases areas.


1. Be cautious about applying moxa to diabetic or allergic patients because the points will be easily infected.

2. Treating diabetic patients, apply moxa to the torso selected.

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