DermaRoller 192 needles

DermaRoller 192 needles

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192 needles dermaroller

Needle Size
  • 2.0 mm
  • 0.5 mm
  • 1.5 mm
  • 3.0 mm


Derma Roller is an incredible device which naturally increases the levels of collagen and elastin in your skin. The derma roller is becoming an increasingly common cosmetic procedure as treatment for many skin conditions by stimulating collagen and elastin production for both men and women. It is very effective for all scar types, especially for hard to heal acne, stretch mark and atrophic white scarring.



Minimal risk and painless;

No side effects and fast recovery;

No bruising or swelling

Highly effective treatment for surgery scars, burn scars, acne scars, chicken pox scars, pitting of the skin, large pores, wrinkles and anti-ageing, age spots & sun damage, hair loss  and much more

Can be used by yourself anytime at your personal convenience

Price effective compared to expensive cosmetic laser treatments

FDA-approved technology, based mostly on hundreds of years acupuncture technology

Can be used on all areas of the face, neck, body and scalp

Similar results to laser treatment, chemical peels and dermabrasion at a fraction of the cost

Remove loose skin, lines and wrinkles on the face.


What are the differences in Derma Roller models?

Principally, there are none. But according to different needle shape and roller structure, different Derma Roller has subtle differences. What’s more, both models (medical and home care) also differ in needle size. While the medical Derma Roller has longer needles – to induce collagen &reduce scars in deeper skin layers, the needles of the Home Care Derma Roller are very short, such as 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm. 


How to know which derma roller is with good quality?

1. Choosing the correct needle length:

(0.2-0.3mm) are for increased penetration of skin care products in to the skin and overall improvement of the skin color and texture. The recommended treatment interval is 3-5 days.

(0.5mm) are for wrinkles, anti-aging, light acne scarring, chicken pox scars, acne scars, also recommended for thinning hair. The recommended treatment interval is 1 weeks.

( are for deep stretch marks, cellulite and deep scarring. The recommended treatment interval is 1-2 weeks.

(1.5mm) are for more sever cased, deep scars and winkles, rejuvenation of ruined skin. The recommended treatment interval is 1-2 weeks.

(2.0-3.0mm) are for severe case of scarring and winkles. The recommended treatment is 2 weeks.


2. Test how smooth of the roller head

If the roller head is not rolling smooth enough, the skin will be getting hurt.


3. Test the noise when operation

The lower noise of derma roller, the customers will be feeling less scare. But Derma Roller is assembling by handmade. On order to let the roller moves smooth, it will have noise anyway. This is come from it structure.

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